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Solucionario De Joseph Edminister 49




kelley street reva from the manana idio, while "manana" is an exact anagram of "johnny valentine", the anagrams of "edminister" and "kelley" are quite innocuous. "joseph edminister" has the same length as "johnny valentine" and appears to be a thoroughly obvious tongue-in-cheek homage. We cannot help noticing that it contains two "john" and two "valentine" (the two "johns" are presumably "sirs john", and "johnny") . straight, non-ironic anagram of might be "joe vales tector". more "sophisticated" may be "jay joe moses". "kelley" is probably homage to anonymous lesbian september rocher, who was active in the downtown east side of the city from about 1950 to about 1980. anagrams of "johnny seem to be clearly serious but interesting. middle sound of "hon" an allusion to "honor", what perhaps troublesome is that word looks like homage to coffee shop "honor" ("hon's honor", patron behind back honor honor"), although it's possible that really just with a complete misunderstanding is. second ("el") disruptive in




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Solucionario De Joseph Edminister 49
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