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Wanda Bonder

Wanda has been a dedicated IT professional with 20+ years of verifiable results using effective communication between cross-functional teams to solve complex needs for organizations. Wanda has a reputation for delivering high-energy leadership with a proven ability to establish rapport with clients and staff and exceeding expectations. After many years in the technical training field, Wanda decided to break out on her own in order to provide relevant, customized services to Fortune 100 companies all over the US, Canada, Europe and China and was an industry disruptor in many ways.  Wanda has been recognized as “Worldwide Instructor of the Year” by Motorola University and key quality service provider by Staples headquarters.


On a personal level, Wanda works from strong beliefs in service and giving back to communities.  As the daughter of an uneducated, single mom she was the first in her family - including siblings and over 100 cousins - to go to university.  Wanda studied education for the secondary level and is living proof the difference education makes in everyone’s life.   She is beyond thrilled to have been selected to be part of the Noggin Educational Foundation mission.


Wanda has volunteered with greyhound rescue, food pantries, child advocacy for kids in foster care, and others; she often jokes her corporate job is to simply support her “volunteer habit”.  She is currently an active member of the Rotary Club of Fort Worth and serves on both the International Service and Community Service committees.  


Wanda became a licensed foster mom and is now blessed with being a mom to two amazing little kids, Caitlin and Declan.  They share their home with a dog, two cats, a 30-year old parrot, a bearded dragon and two fish tanks.