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ARD Abogacía

¿Podría mi hijo tener un
             discapacidad de aprendizaje o
                                  ¿necesidad especial?

En una ARD (Admisión, Revisión y Despido), los maestros, administradores y otros miembros del personal se reúnen para determinar la elegibilidad de un estudiante para el Programa de Educación Especial debido a una necesidad especial o una discapacidad de aprendizaje.  Nuestros defensores de ARD son profesionales que apoyan a la familia y brindan orientación durante todo el proceso de ARD.  Trabajan con la familia para identificar metas académicas y/o de comportamiento para su estudiante y servicios de educación especial y adaptaciones que la escuela puede proporcionar para ayudar a alcanzar esas metas.  Los defensores de ARD no son abogados y no brindan asesoramiento legal.  ARD Advocacy se proporciona gratis a las familias que califican para el programa de Almuerzo Gratis oa Precio Reducido u otra asistencia del gobierno.


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Rondi Allen

Rondi Allen is the Owner and Founder of Rondi Allen Behavioral Therapy, Consulting & SPED Advocacy (2002) and The Studio of Music (2004). She is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music as well as a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst with a specialization in Autism. She grew up with a deep love for music, beginning her piano studies at age 3. While studying music, Rondi stumbled upon an opportunity to work with a young child with Autism, and she quickly fell in love with teaching children on the Spectrum. It was then that she made the decision to also pursue Behavioral Therapy and an Autism specialization. Rondi has worked for Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD as an Autism Specialist. After experiencing working within the constraints of the school system firsthand, Rondi decided to go into private practice, where she has been for the last 22 years. Rondi began working for Noggin Educational Foundation in 2019 as a SPED Advocate, where she passionately seeks to obtain accurate diagnosis’, needed services and accommodations for students with IEP’s, 504’s, or other special populations. She now serves Noggin as the Lead Advocate. Rondi recently was selected to become a member of the prestigious National Association of Professional Women for the work she has done developing both of her businesses.

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Bonita Teasley

Dr. Bonita Teasley is an esteemed leader in special education, holding a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Planning in Executive Public-School Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master's in Educational Administration from Prairie View A&M University, and a Bachelor's in Applied Learning Development from the same university. With a 20-year career that spans educational policy, special education, and administration, Dr. Teasley has played a vital role in implementing federal and state laws and policies and providing expert technical assistance in special education. Additionally, as a published author, she has contributed significantly to discussions on key educational issues. Her dedication and expertise make her a key influencer in developing inclusive and equitable educational practices.

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