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Summer Learning Loss


Studies show that over the summer most students lose two months of math computation skills. 1  Low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement while middle-income students maintain or gain due to access to summer programs and other enrichment opportunities. 1   Losses accumulate over years eventually resulting in students that perform below their grade level. By 5th grade, many low-income students are the equivalent of two to three grades behind.  Much of this achievement gap can be attributed to summer learning loss. 2

S.P.A.R.K. (Summers Producing Academically Ready Kids)


S.P.A.R.K is a free 6-week program providing math and reading enrichment activities with the goal of reducing or preventing summer learning loss.  We partner with organizations that offer summer programs targeting economically disadvantaged youth.  


S.P.A.R.K is staffed by dedicated, experienced classroom teachers!


How can I help?:  

Give a monetary donation.  Your donation will pay for staff, curriculum, supplies, and fun prizes for the kids.  A donation of any size is greatly appreciated!  


Donate a new book or backpack.  We want each student participating in S.P.A.R.K. to go home with a new book and a new backpack of their own.  Click on our wish list below for book suggestions, or donate any new book (or books) for students Pre-K through 12th grade of your choice. Book Wish List   Backpack Wish List


1. The effects of summer vacation on achievement test scores: A narrative and meta-analytic review. Review of Educational Research, 66, 227-268.  Cooper, H., Nye, B., Charlton, K., Lindsay, J., & Greathouse, S. (1996).

2. Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap. K. Alexander, D. Entwisle and L. Olson, American Sociological Review, 2007 (72, 167-180).

How Summer Learning Loss Effects Low-Income Kids

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