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About Us

"When my husband David started teaching 13 years ago he didn’t realize the obstacles he would encounter in the classroom.  His first teaching assignment was in a Title I school where he was given one ream of paper to last for the entire semester teaching 125 students.  The lack of resources combined with students who were 2-3 grade levels behind left an impression on both of us.

His next teaching assignment was a stark contrast.  This school was in an affluent area where he had unlimited resources and students excelled. As I heard story after story about his students, a desire to meet the needs of students like the ones he first encountered grew in me.  I knew I could and should do something about it."


Doneda Bailey,

Founder and Executive Director

Doneda Bailey is Founder and serves as Executive Director of Noggin Educational Foundation. After receiving a BA in Radio-Television from the University of Houston, Doneda began her career in account management at a Dallas marketing agency.  She eventually ventured out on her own to develop a commercial video production company. After 12 years in marketing, she co-founded Noggin Educational Coaching with her husband, David Bailey, providing out-of-school educational services to students.  Inspired by the great need she saw for students from low-income families to receive similar services, she founded Noggin Educational Foundation. 


David Bailey serves as NEF Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He is a veteran educator and mathematician working with elementary, middle, and high school students.  David brings more than a decade of classroom and educational coaching experience in various subjects from the primary level through graduate school.


The Baileys and their three children live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Together, they stand on the belief that the effects of poverty can be combatted through educational opportunity.  



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