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Core Beliefs and Values

Our core beliefs and values guide us as we seek to realize our vision of erasing the achievement gap, empowering every student to reach their full potential.


Core Beliefs
● Each of us was created in the image of God and are on equal footing with one-another.
● If you’re building relationships, you’re doing it right.
● Our students are the future. Our goal is to impact and equip them to make their street,
their neighborhood, their city, their state, their country, and the world a better place.
● All students deserve a shot at a bright future.


Core Values

We foster relationships - We strive to foster genuine connections with each other, our
volunteers, the families we serve, our donors and our partners.

We practice integrity - We are grateful for the resources entrusted to us, therefore we conduct
ourselves with honesty as we steward all resources, and excellence in our work to implement
the mission.

We give full commitment - We are fully committed to the mission entrusted to us, each person,
project, and task set before us.

We serve with humility - We serve with humility understanding that we are all created equal
and that service benefits both those who give and those who receive.

We investigate the impossible - We question the “impossible” and use our core beliefs and
values to guide us toward setting and accomplishing challenging goals that move the mission

We value quality over quantity - While we are constantly working to extend our reach to
impact more students, we realize the value in being faithful with the employees, volunteers,
families, donors, and programs we have at the moment, and ensure the best quality in all that
we do.


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