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Hetal Patel, ASA, CPHQ


Hetal Patel is an experienced Actuarial leader and author who has spent more than a decade
applying predictive analytics to improving healthcare quality. She has a graduate degree from
the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and is an Associate from the
Society of Actuaries. While healthcare analytics and statistics have been the focus of her
professional career these past few years, her true passion lies in education and equity. She has
previously owned a learning center and has seen first-hand how the lack of access to quality
education continues to disproportionately impact low income areas and families. As a solution
oriented professional, Hetal takes pride in finding innovative ways to address existing problems.
While she has spent that past few years working to improve access to quality mental health
therapy, her new goal is to apply those skills into improving access to quality education.

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