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Our Board


Dr. Radha Appan


Dr. Radha Appan is an Associate Professor in the Information Systems and Quantitative
Sciences department at Texas Tech University. She has published her research in high impact
journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of the Association of Information
Systems, Decision
Support Systems, The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, and Information and
Management. Realizing at an early age that excelling in education was the window to new
opportunities through her mom’s earnest efforts to lay the foundations for her success, Radha
worked tirelessly toward earning a Ph.D. in Information Systems. Taking the same principles and
inspiration into her profession, for over two decades as an educator, Radha took to building the
capabilities of the next generations of information systems professionals. Indeed, while she has
worked with many important non-profit organizations in the past, education is her true passion.
Overall, Radha truly believes that (i) quality education for every child is a fundamental right, (ii)
meaningful education is the pathway to achieving true equality in all other areas of life, (iii)
equity in education can be achieved only if the whole community commits to it, and (iv) that
education is foundational for communities to come together to build the capabilities of future
generations. It is her mission to rally support and commitment of the community to close the
achievement gap in our society.


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