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Robotics Camp 

Our camp curriculum is fully project-based and is intended to provide a strong introduction to the world of robotics. Camp participants will become comfortable writing algorithms, conditional statements and with computer programming in general. All children will work with a virtual robot and learn how to program sensors. 

Camp Highlights:

  • Camp led by college professors, actuaries, engineers, and state level competitive high school robotics teams.

  • Project-based curriculum to keep kids completely engaged.

  • Camp will ignite your child’s passion to explore the world of robotics.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learn computer programming basics such as conditional statements.

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of block-based coding using Scratch and VEX Code.

  • Apply algorithms and programming languages to code virtual robots to move, draw, turn, and complete tasks in virtual worlds.

  • Learn to program various kinds of sensors and solve advanced problems.

  • Enable students by providing the necessary resources to continue working on new robotics programs after the workshop.

  • Understand how to use robots for solving real-world problems.

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