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Your $5 donation goes to support an

at-risk student served by Noggin Educational Foundation.

If you have ever struggled to keep your child on task while completing his/her routine at home this is for you! At age 8 my son was diagnosed with autism and his behavioral therapist suggested we begin using a visual schedule. I was shocked at the difference it made in our mornings and evenings. After only four months of using the schedule I noticed he had stopped putting up his pictures, but no longer struggled with staying on task. I asked him why he stopped and He replied,


“The pictures are in my mind, Mommy!”


PDF download includes Toothbrush, Books, Notebook paper, Lunchbox, Car, Bus, Plate & silverware, Toaster, Blue backpack, Pink backpack, Blue shirt, Pink shirt, Blue shoes, Pink shoes, Grey socks, Pink socks, Hairbrush, Bed, Boy washing face, Girl washing face, Hands washing, Bar of soap, Green pajamas, Pink pajamas, Box of toys (cleanup).


22 MB/10 Pages


Upon receipt of the donation, you will be emailed a link for the download.  If you have any questions about this product please email us:

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