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ASPIRE: Academic and Career Mentoring


Our academic and career mentors motivate and serve as a resource to their students.  Mentors work one-on-one to help 9th-12th grade students:


  • Discover vocation, purpose, aptitudes and gifts

  • Choose appropriate courses for specific career paths

  • Navigate the logistics of taking college entrance exams

  • Research postsecondary institutions

  • Apply to colleges, universities or trade schools

  • Research financial aid options

  • Successfully transition into chosen institutions


Am I eligible?

  • Mentors have received a degree from a college, university or trade school.

  • Mentors are graduate students or current or retired professionals from a variety of academic and career fields.

Do I know enough?​

  • Mentors share their personal knowledge, experiences and wisdom. Noggin provides mentors with resources and information to help guide their students each step of the way.​

Can I commit?

  • Each mentor has a face-to-face meeting with their student for 1 hour every other month (Mentors meet with their students monthly during their senior year.).

  • Each mentor makes themselves available by phone, email, text, video chat, etc. to answer questions from their student.

  • Mentors contact their student by phone at least once between meetings to answer questions and check progress.

  • Mentor and student volunteer together 2 times a year with the organization of their choice.

  • Mentors are asked to commit to at least 1 year with their student.


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