Big Thanks to Our Brainiacs!

Amity Bible Church

Ray Achilefu

Matthew and Darci Augustine

Anne Amado

David and Doneda Bailey

William Bailey

William and Jacqueline Bishop

Sherri Bobbitt

Shari Carroll

Benny Franklin

Forrest and Kendra Furlough

Deetra Hart

Jacquetta Haygood

Floyd and Jamie Hodges

Melba Howard

Michael and Kathy Hubbard

Michael and Natalie Huscheck

Angella Miller

Vinny and Kara LaPenna

Darrell Leverkuhn

John and Ericka McCrutcheon

Matt Nelson

Uneeta Palmer

Ross and Audra Raines

Rachel Roberts

Kenya Rodgers

Dion and Heather Sepolen

Nicole Sims

Frank Simmons

Les and Glenna Smith

Robinson and Malley Smith

Ashley and Octavia Soljour

Kerry Stith

Christina Taylor

Lulie Thomas

Isha Williams

Marcos and Amanda Ybarra

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