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Big Thanks to Our Brainiacs!

Natoya Alee

Matthew and Darci Augustine

Anne Amado

David and Doneda Bailey

William Bailey

Wanda Bonder

LaKesha Brown

Kimberly Coleman

Craig Crisler

Hannah Cutshall

Benny Franklin

Nichole Franks

Forrest and Kendra Furlough

Stephanie Graves

Jacquetta Haygood

Floyd and Jamie Hodges

Michael and Kathy Hubbard

Michael and Natalie Huscheck


Kimberly Kortegast

Vinny and Kara LaPenna

Darrell Leverkuhn

Karen Marcucci

Lawrence and Nikki Marshall

Matt Nelson

Gail Obaseki

Uneeta Palmer

Hatel Patel

Nilesh Patel

Stan and Julie Rhoden

Rachel Roberts

Kenya Rodgers

Dion and Heather Sepolen

Aaron Sharp

Nicole Sims

Les and Glenna Smith

Robinson and Malley Smith

Ashley and Octavia Soljour

Kerry Stith

Lulie Thomas

TCAL Church

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