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2020 End of Summer Brainiac Update

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Our Noggin Brainiacs are a big deal! By investing on a regular basis you are a part of a special group that through regular donations allow us to focus less on fundraising and more on making a difference in the lives of our students.

Hi Brainiacs!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your faithful giving!  In the Spring with the economic downturn, nonprofits were hit hard and ours was no exception.  We were SO thankful for the faithful giving of our Brainiacs to help meet the needs of our organization in such an uncertain time.  

I want to report that God has been truly faithful over the summer, by allowing us to introduce our mission to new people and moving their hearts to support us financially.  Because of His faithfullness and your continued support, we have been able to continue to serve students at a time when their academic well-being is at risk.  Many students from low-income families already suffer from the achievement gap, but the closing of schools and the digital divide have presented additional challenges.  Thank you so much for partnering with us to provide solutions for these bright young minds.  



2020 Programming Update

Virtual S.P.A.R.K 

(Summers Producing Academically Ready Kids)

This summer we provided our summer math and reading enrichment program, S.P.A.R.K., virtually to 67 students.  Students played interactive games, watched videos, participated in project-based learning, and practiced core skills 3 days a week on Zoom calls.  Because our program was virutal this year we were able to invite 28 professionals from all over the metroplex and the United States to participate in weekly Career Days.  Students learned about a varitey of professions and had the chance to interact in small groups with our guests.  In July, we had a very successful book drive allowing each student to end the summer with 3-7 brand new books. 

See pictures and video below!


Students with special needs and other challenges that impact academics require services and accommodations at school.  ARD meetings bring teachers, administrators, and parents together to discuss the challenges the student is facing and develop a plan to serve the student.  Parents who are not equipped with information and ideas can leave without a plan that will best serve the child for academic success.  With all of the academic challenges faced by students from low-income families, getting the right services to address their needs is VITAL!  Noggin now offers ARD advocacy where hire consultants to work with the parent before the meeting to brainstorm tools and services that may work for the student as well as attend the meeting to help the parent advocate for their child.  


Noggin is the Premier Sponsor of the podcast, School Dazed: Help For Moms and Dads of School-Aged Kids,  which features experts tackling a variety of academic and social challenges affecting students. School Dazed is hosted by our Executive Director, Doneda Bailey and the historic events of 2020 inspired her to create shows to address the needs of students and parents:

March 16 "The One When They Closed The Schools"

March 26 "The One About Emotional Health During a Pandemic"

April 20 "The One When We Were Quarantined With Kids!"

April 21 "The One About Gratitude in Tough Times"

May 19 "The One When Their Senior Year Was Cancelled"

June 4 "The One About Racism, Justice, and Riots"

June 18 "The One About Injustice and Education Equality"

July 21 "The One About COVID-19 and the Upcoming School Year"

August 10 "The One About What Teachers Say As We Reopen"

Our sponsorship of School Dazed is made 

possible by support from a Brainiac like YOU!

Check out the School Dazed website for more information about the show.  If you miss a show catch it on any podcast platform.



Scheduled giving is open now.


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