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Robotics Camp 2023 - Lubbock

All proceeds provide free educational resources and services to our students.

Lunch is provided to all campers

Aftercare available for an additional fee

For more information, contact

Hetal Patel at 732-668-8470

or email us at


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Registration deadline: May 29 

Register by April 30th with coupon code for

a $150 discount.

Our camp curriculum is fully project-based and is intended to provide a strong introduction to the world of robotics. Camp participants will become comfortable writing algorithms, conditional statements and with computer programming in general. All children will work with a virtual robot and learn how to program sensors. 

Camp Highlights:

  • Camp led by college professors, actuaries, engineers, and state level competitive high school robotics teams.

  • Project-based curriculum to keep kids completely engaged.

  • Camp will ignite your child’s passion to explore the world of robotics.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learn computer programming basics such as conditional statements.

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of block-based coding using Scratch and VEX Code.

  • Apply algorithms and programming languages to code virtual robots to move, draw, turn, and complete tasks in virtual worlds.

  • Learn to program various kinds of sensors and solve advanced problems.

  • Enable students by providing the necessary resources to continue working on new robotics programs after the workshop.

  • Understand how to use robots for solving real-world problems.

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