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Our Initiatives:



College Bound


With our College Bound program we begin to build a firm academic foundation and ensure college readiness as early as 3rd grade through classes, workshops, videos, private educational coaching, and reduction of Summer Learning Loss through our summer enrichment program, S.P.A.R.K.  Beginning in 9th grade we work to encourage a culture of college attendance through mentoring and visits to colleges.  Our high school students also receive coaching through the application process to help with college selection, volunteer hours, interviewing and more.  Once accepted into a college or university our mentors work closely with students to ensure deadlines are met and they have all necessary information and resources to make it to that first day of school.  


Classroom Champions


At Noggin we value outstanding teachers. Through our Classroom Champions program we recognize and reward these teachers to encourage them to continue doing what they love.  We also provide resources and funds to equip their classrooms with the tools they need to be creative and effective.  



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